Creating your media strategy

Before man walked on the moon, there was a plan. Before you build a house, launch a product, go on a trip or provide a new service, very likely, there’s a plan.

Having an in-depth strategic communications plan can provide structure to help your company meet its vision and get publicity that will help enhance revenues and community stature.

Crafting a media plan

Through interviews, surveys and other assessment tools, the Media Training Center works with companies to build long-term communications plans that feature key messages, media campaigns and action-oriented timelines. We offer recommendations on integrating plans with print, broadcast and new media.

Among topics we cover:

  • Establishing media goals and framing the message.
  • Identifying media targets.
  • Identifying media opportunities.
  • Practical use of media tools from press releases, press conferences, Internet sites, e-mail listservs, opinion pieces for editorial pages, staged media events and more.
  • Developing a press kit.
  • Tracking media coverage and evaluating the effectiveness of planning.

Learn more about the planning process

Through the Media Training Center‘s strategic media planning process, your team will have a long-term tool that will help you deal with the press. When combined with media training, crisis training and message development, you’ll have the confidence to handle the media in virtually any situation.