Crisis training

Face it — sooner or later, something bad may happen at your business. There could be an accident, leak or investigation that will throw everything completely out of whack.

The survival of your business may depend on how well you manage the unexpected or crisis situation. Media-savvy executives provide immediate, well-planned responses. Is your company ready today?

Helping you to manage a crisis

The Media Training Center works with executives and managers to prepare for crisis situations through our customized interactive skill development seminars. By using interactive, role-playing exercises and on-camera training, you’ll learn by example to manage a crisis.

Our professionals will provide an array of crisis communications tools and work with you so you can better handle the media, know what to say to reporters and satisfy the public’s curiosity while protecting your company’s legal position.

Customized, interactive workshops

Through our customized approach, we’ll guide you through the basics of crisis communications. Then you’ll examine and critique case studies from your industry. Next, we’ll discuss and practice media statements, help you brush up on interview techniques and develop strategies to combat ambush journalism. Among the topics of our one-day crisis workshops are:


  • What you can do now before a crisis occurs
  • Crafting the Message
  • Controlling the Message
  • Selecting a Spokesperson


  • Understanding the Reporter’s Role
  • Message Delivery
  • Keeping Your Cool
  • Print vs. Broadcast Interviewing
  • On-Camera Tips & Techniques

Through the Media Training Center’s crisis communications sessions, your team will earn the confidence to handle the media in virtually any situation.