Developing your message

How many times have you seen somebody on television who just couldn’t get a point across? Instead of talking clearly, he fills responses with numbers and gobbledegook. When an interview is over, you’re left wondering what the fellow was trying to say.

When communicating through the press or with clients, investors or vendors, it’s important to offer a clear, focused message. By doing so, listeners will know where you stand, what you want and what you expect. Otherwise, you run the risk of causing inefficiencies, misunderstandings, duplication and redundancies.

Crafting clear messages

In half-day workshops, the Media Training Center helps executives craft a clear, central message and apply it to various situations. Among the topics covered:

  • Analyzing current messages for clarity, brevity and purpose.
  • Refocusing messages to communicate corporate values directly and support the organization’s goals.
  • Delivering and tailoring simple, key messages without jargon.
  • Using soundbites to highlight and punch your central message.
  • Answering questions in ways to help you and turning difficult questions into opportunities.
  • Picking the right spokespeople.
  • Using talking points and props to highlight messages.
  • Building message consistency over time and the value of repetition in communicating.
  • Staying “on message.”

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Through the Media Training Center‘s message development sessions, your team will earn the confidence to handle the media more effectively.