Media tips

The Media Training Center‘s communications specialists believe the press is becoming more intrusive in the rush to get stories. Often, businesses and organizations get caught in a crossfire of sloppy reporting, misleading information and inaccuracies.

The following common-sense “rules of engagement” for dealing with the media have been tested and proven in our 60-plus years of experience with the press:

1. Don’t lie. Ever.

2. You don’t have to answer every question you’re asked.

3. Think. Think before you answer anything. A corollary: Have a clear goal in mind before you answer anything.

4. Don’t lose your cool. If you do, the media won’t forget – it will show a video clip or photo of how you lost your cool over and over and over.

5. If you’re wrong, admit it. If you’re happy, be it. If you’re hurt, show it.

6. Answer only the question that you want.

7. Assume everything is “on the record.”

8. Stick to your story. Don’t improvise.

9. Don’t run your mouth. Be concise and to-the-point. Often, less is more.

10. Always think of the future. Don’t burn your bridges with reporters.

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