Media training

Dealing with reporters often isn’t easy. They ask a lot of questions and seem a little too nosy for their own good.

You’d much rather be running your business than answering prying questions.

But part of business is to deal with the media and to try to get better coverage. To be effective, you need practice. If you “wing it,” there’s a risk you or your company will look bad.

Helping you tell your story effectively

The Media Training Center provides you and your managers with the knowledge to help your company’s story get told effectively.

Through our customized, interactive media training seminars, we will help you understand news and the media – – what editors want, how reporters operate, what readers or viewers want to know, what deadlines mean, and more.

Reality-based, customized workshops

In our specialized sessions, we use reality-based scenarios to help your team develop and practice media skills. We provide relevant case studies from your field to discuss and critique. Our “hands on” approach will help you and your managers understand quickly how to use the media to your advantage.

Training areas

Among the areas we provide training are:

  • Print and broadcast media – similarities and differences you need to know
  • What you should ask the reporter before your interview
  • The Press Release – When and how should this be used?
  • The role of the company spokesperson
  • On-camera tips and techniques
  • Practice.
  • Case studies – what went right, what went wrong

Advanced media training

We also offer advanced media training for crisis situations, message development and strategic media planning.

Through the Media Training Center’s media training sessions, your team will earn the confidence to deal with reporters to generate positive coverage.