Test your media IQ

Ever wonder just how you’d handle the media? The Media Training Center encourages you to take the quiz below to get an indication of your media I.Q.:

1. With e-mail and modern communications tools, old-fashioned press releases aren’t all that helpful. Most of them end up in the garbage anyway.

A. True.
B. False.

2. During a crisis when asked a tough or sensitive question by a reporter, you should:

A. Let your lawyers field those questions.
B. End the interview.
C. Say “no comment” and move on to the next question.
D. Reiterate your media statement.

3. You’re scheduled for a television interview – you’re prepared, it’s a positive story, and it will be a real “feather in your cap” to pull it off well. You wear:

A. A white button-down shirt.
B. A blue/white striped button-down shirt.
C. A blue button-down shirt.
D. The company uniform.

4. In another state, a competing company this morning was involved in an accident with regional environmental ramifications. Now, a local television crew is in your front office trying to localize the story. Which of the following statements most correctly describes your response?

A. We have a prepared media statement on file regarding accidents. Our spokesman will deliver it.
B. The company president will “wing it” and answer questions as they come.
C. We will not submit to an interview or will say, “No comment.”
D. We’ve got a committee that now will start working on a response.

5. When interviewed, you can expect:

A. The reporter to be well prepared and understand the company and its products.
B. The reporter to be friendly and trustworthy.
C. That you will be able to scratch any misspoken words or sentences, especially if you make your comment ‘off the record’.
D. That the writer will always be able to show the reader the real context and total atmosphere of the interview.