The Media Training Center makes it easy for you and your colleagues to get respected, professional media training. We come to you for our workshops, seminars and assessments.

Training opportunities

We offer four kinds of training opportunities:


  • Media training. This is an interactive one-day workshop for four to 10 executives who will learn the basics of the media and how reporters operate.

  • Crisis training. This advanced media session, also for four to 10 executives, provides in-depth training for dealing with unexpected and crisis situations.

  • Message development. This workshop, which generally takes a half day, follows a message assessment. It allows organizations to hone messages communicated to the press.

  • Strategic media planning. Developing a communications plan involves assessments, interviews and surveys to determine your company’s goals and objectives. Following data collection by the Media Training Center, we develop a printed plan and deliver it to your executives in a special briefing session.

Training packages

You can customize our training offerings to meet your needs. We do, however, offer three packages of training services:

  • Media package . Our basic training package includes media training and, if needed, message development.

  • Crisis package. Advanced training adds crisis training to media training and message development.

  • Strategy package . Our top-of-the-line package provides development of a strategic media plan followed my executive message development training, media training and crisis training.


Our workshops can be held on-site at your company, if you wish. We recommend, however, to hold sessions off-site to reduce opportunities for interruptions. We can work with you to arrange a good location.


Each seminar is structured on your level of training and the number of people you want to be trained during each session. We customize seminars to fit your needs. Please contact Andy Brack for a quote for a workshop or sessions that will suit your needs.